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Backyard Pavilions for Sale

Discover the leisure life with an outdoor pavilion for home and garden. Our Rustic Pavilions can be built in a variety of sizes to accommodate your entertainment needs.

There’s nothing quite like the beautiful addition to your outside living space that a backyard pavilion provides. Our pavilion buildings provide shade on sunny days and shelter in the event of rain. They are built to last and look stunning throughout winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The features and the look of this timber frame design make it easy to appreciate your outdoor space with family and friends. Invest in a rustic backyard pavilion and start enjoying backyard BBQs, birthday parties, special events, holiday celebrations, and more!

What We Offer

We designed our pavilion and shed offerings to be highly customizable. Everything from the style to the dimensions are up for discussion. That is what separates us from our pavilion and shed competition.

Our backyard pavilion collection comes with multiple options to make your installation perfectly personalized. Customize your outdoor pavilion with a selection of roof types, such as shingle or standing seam, to suit your style and preferences.

Every element of your backyard pavilion can perfectly complement your home and garden. Simply choose from the footprint that best suits your yard and go from there. We are confident you’ll love the end result.

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At Sunrise Structures, we craft high quality and reliable outdoor pavilions. Our products are made to last, regardless of where they’re placed. And they are sure to stun whether left as is or decorated for a special event.

But all that shouldn’t come at the price of inflated expense. We pride ourselves on offering well-made rustic backyard pavilions at affordable prices.

Customers who have purchased a pavilion for the backyard also get access to our customer service team. They will work tirelessly to ensure you love everything, from your rustic pavilion building’s material to the installation.

Get started on customizing your pavilion today.