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Benefits of Having a Backyard Cabin

June 13, 2024   |   7 min read
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Gable Cabin in backyard

Have you ever considered the value and versatility that a backyard cabin provides?

This cozy structure, tucked away in your backyard gives endless possibilities to enhance your lifestyle.

At Sunrise Structures, we believe in the transformative power of well-designed outdoor spaces.

Today, we are going to dive into the world of backyard cabins—an incredible addition to your property that serves multiple purposes and adds value to your home.

What’s a Backyard Cabin?

Backyard cabins are compact, stand-alone structures designed to fit a variety of outdoor spaces.

They serve multiple purposes. For instance, a private retreat, a home office, a guest house, or an entertainment room.

A backyard cabin shed is a cabin with additional storage space, providing functionality along with charm.

With Sunrise Structures, you can find a wide array of backyard cabins for sale with designs that seamlessly complement your property’s landscape.

The Unique Appeal of a Cabin Backyard

Owning a cabin for your backyard opens a universe of opportunities.

Whether you’re an artist seeking solitude or a work-from-home professional wanting a space to focus, a backyard cabin offers the perfect solution.

Moreover, it transforms your backyard into a picturesque retreat that friends and family will adore.

The Pros and Cons of Wood Cabins

Like every material, wood has its strengths and weaknesses.

A wooden backyard cabin is durable, eco-friendly, and gives a naturally warm aesthetic to your backyard.

Wood is also excellent for insulation, helping to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

However, our three wood cabins require different levels of maintenance.

Before we jump into the ways you can style your cabin, let’s discuss the pros and cons of owning a wooden cabin.

Log Gable Cabin

Out of our three cabin options, the Log Gable Cabin requires the most maintenance.

Our Log Gable Cabin contains a variety of wood types, including Pine and Western Red Cedar.

Although the wood is stained, its exposure to natural elements and pests makes it more susceptible to wear and tear over time.

But despite this, the charm of this wooden cabin remains unmatched!

Unlike our Gable Cabin or Lofted Cabin, the Log Gable Cabin gives a rustic and natural feeling to your landscaping.

In a nutshell, the Log Gable Cabin subtly blends in with your landscaping—while still adding charm.

Gable Cabin

Despite its name, the Gable Cabin gives the feel of a tiny house to your backyard.

Unlike our Gable Log Cabin, painted DuraTemp siding gives the Gable Cabin smooth, clean lines.

A mini porch, decorative shutters, and metal roofing complete the look of this homey cabin.

Although you can customize the Gable Cabin with exposed wooden porch beams, the framework of this cabin is much more protected than the Log Gable Cabin.

Lofted Cabin

Our Lofted Cabin looks similar to our Lofted Garage—but with the addition of a mini porch.

With its gambrel roofing, the Lofted Cabin brings the miniature edition of a barn style home to your landscaping.

Completed with a composite porch and painted DuraTemp siding, the Lofted Cabin needs the least amount of upkeep (out of our three cabins).

Whether you love rustic or classic, the pros of owning a Log Gable Cabin, Gable Cabin, or the Lofted Cabin far outweigh the cons.

The Benefits of Owning a Cabin

Still wondering if it’s worth having a cabin?

Let’s look at some of the undeniable benefits cabins bring to your backyard.

1. Versatile Space

The possibilities are endless when you invest in a customized backyard structure.

From exercise studios to home offices, custom backyard cabins serve whatever purpose you need.

This flexibility makes a cabin a versatile investment for work projects, hobbies, and entertainment.

2. Increase Property Value

Having a cabin in your backyard significantly increases your property value. How?

A classic or rustic cabin is a unique feature that adds both charm and utility to your property.

If you ever want to sell your home, a backyard cabin attracts all types of buyers.

Selling a home—plus a cabin that offers extra storage and privacy—makes your property stand out in a buyer’s mind.

3. Extra Storage Space

A backyard cabin shed is your answer to decluttering your home, garage, and yard.

It provides ample space for your tools, seasonal décor, or any other items needing storage.

Plus, instead of strategically arranging your outdoor essentials so you can park in your garage, invest in a backyard cabin to simplify organization.

4. Privacy

Whether it’s meditation or a quiet night of reading, a cabin provides a peaceful retreat right in your backyard.

Why study at a coffee shop or create crafts away from home when you can enjoy relaxing and working in your own private oasis?

Backyard cabin-style garages provide the option of a miniature, personalized office or hobby house—right on your property!

With added privacy, consider a backyard cabin an investment for your emotional well-being.

5. Functional Guest House

Having guests over? A backyard Log Gable Cabin offers a private and comfortable space to entertain your visitors!

Not only that, with proper insulation, our backyard cabins can be transformed into a charming guest room.

Plus, the Lofted Cabin gives the option of some of your guests sleeping upstairs in the loft—while others sleep downstairs on the main floor.

From sleeping to studying, a backyard Gable Cabin gives your family and friends an extra level of privacy.

Say goodbye to accidentally waking up your guests in the morning.

With a cabin in your backyard, both you and your guests can navigate your own schedules without disturbing each other.

And to top it all off, a backyard cabin means your guests can walk right over to your home once they’re ready for breakfast.

This means no more bad hotel stays or spending hundreds of dollars on an Airbnb for your guests!


What Do People Want in a Cabin?

Functionality is key when it comes to owning a backyard cabin.

What’s the use of owning a cabin that looks great but doesn’t suit your lifestyle?

From an office space to a tool shed to a garden shed, investing in a backyard cabin looks different for everyone.

Our customers often look for cabins that are durable, customizable, and easy to maintain.

Like we mentioned earlier, the Log Gable Cabin, Gable Cabin, and Lofted Cabins require different levels of upkeep.

So, before investing in a backyard cabin, consider what is feasible for your lifestyle.

  • Are you at home on the weekends, or do spend more time away?
  • Do you enjoy working outdoors, or do you prefer to stay indoors?
  • Will you use a cabin for storage, or for entertainment?
  • Do you want your cabin insulated or not?
  • Who will use your cabin the most? You? Your guests? Your children?

Understanding what you need narrows down what cabin will work best for you.

Write down the list of questions above and discuss options with your friends and family.

Whether you love the outdoors or not, we provide a host of backyard cabin ideas to inspire you.

What Should Every Cabin Have?

Your cabin should reflect your personality and needs. So, the features your cabin includes really depend on you!

If your backyard cabin is a home office, perhaps you’d want a well-lit desk area, bookshelves, and some comfortable seating.

If your backyard structure is a retreat, a cozy setup with a fireplace and soft lighting can create the ambiance you want.

Whatever your needs, our Log Gable Cabin, Gable Cabin, and Lofted Cabins offer limitless customization.

This means the design and outcome of your backyard cabin is truly in your hands!

The question “What should every cabin have?” becomes “What should my cabin have?” when you’re working with Sunrise Structures.

From framing to decorating, your cabin is truly as simplified or as extravagant as you want it.

Our options page or our 3D builder are great resources for those who want to view all our options in one place.

Make Your Dream Backyard Cabin a Reality

A backyard cabin offers so much more than just a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Our cabins are functional structures that align with your lifestyle, add immense value to your property, and offer you a private retreat.

Our team’s commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and enduring craftsmanship means your cabin will be a cherished part of your backyard for years to come.

So why wait? With Sunrise Structures, your dream of owning a cabin is just a click away.

Experience the transformation and magic of a backyard cabin today!

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