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Your Storage Solutions: Affordable Sheds for Your Backyard

February 2, 2024   |   5 min read
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Backyard garden shed

In a world where extra space is a coveted commodity, affordable sheds come as a saving grace. They’re not just additional storage – they’re a functional, versatile part of your home.

Yet the word “affordable” often raises eyebrows. Is it synonymous with “cheap?” Absolutely not!

Affordable means more value for your money, without compromising on quality.

It entails finding a solution that fits every budget, without settling for less. This is especially true when it comes to affordable sheds for your backyard.

Affordable vs. Cheap: What’s the Difference?

There’s a definite difference between affordable and cheap.

An affordable shed provides high-quality materials, thoughtful design, and expert construction at a comparatively lower rate.

Cheap, on the other hand, often refers to poor quality, short-lived constructs that sooner or later need repairs or replacements.

In a nutshell, affordable does not mean cheap, but represents better value.

When you’re shopping for a storage shed, it’s important to focus on better value (affordability) versus lower value (cheap).

Variety of Affordable Storage Sheds

Why settle for less when you can have affordable storage sheds? These sheds cater to a range of needs, preferences, and budgets.

Here’s a snapshot of the options available:

1. Utility Sheds

Utility sheds are the perfect blend of practicality and compact design. They offer ample storage space and versatility, fitting seamlessly into your backyard.

2. Garden Sheds

For those with a green thumb, a garden shed is a must. It provides storage for tools and gardening supplies and can even double as a potting area! Garden Shed designs fit well—even in smaller backyards.

3. Lofted Garden Sheds

When space-saving is a priority, opt for lofted garden sheds. They offer considerable storage without taking up too much backyard space. Their lofted design doubles the storage area, capitalizing on vertical space.

4. Workshops

These larger sheds provide plenty of storage with room for a workspace. No need to clutter up the basement or garage with your hobby supplies.

5. She Sheds

An affordable she shed can serve as a quiet retreat or creative studio right in the backyard. Take your office space, workout area, or hobby room to a whole new level.

Garden shed in backyard surrounded by trees

Affordable Sheds Pre-Built by Sunrise Structures

Are you searching for affordable sheds near you? Sunrise Structures specializes in creating timeless sheds designed to meet your specific needs.

Our affordable sheds are completely assembled at our location, which means your shed is ready to use once it’s delivered!

We pay special attention to each of your design requests, ensuring your shed fits your space perfectly and serves its intended purpose.

Whether you want a garden shed, a workshop, a hobby room, or a she shed, we’re committed to building sheds to your specifications. And more importantly, we stay within your budget.

The Durability of Affordable Sheds

Maybe you’re wondering what type of storage shed lasts the longest. Or what is the strongest type of shed?

While these are legitimate concerns, it’s important to remember that durability is often a function of the materials used, the construction quality, and regular maintenance.

We use the best blend of materials to minimize upkeep throughout the years.

An affordable shed from Sunrise Structures combines high-quality roofing and all-plywood construction. Accessory features like decks, corbels, and more come as wooden or poly accents.

Your shed could include metal roofing, which resists rot and insects. Or you can choose from our shingle options. Either choice offers your shed a lifetime of use with proper care and treatment.

No matter the style or materials, our sheds are covered by a 10-year warranty.

All metal roofing options carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty, and our architectural shingles are warranted at 30 years.

What Shed Material Is Better?

Deciding on the best shed material depends on your specific needs, budget, and aesthetic preferences.

At Sunrise Structures, we offer a blend of superior materials, each enhancing the value and functionality of our sheds:

1. Wood Sheds

Wood sheds are aesthetically pleasing and offer extensive customization options. We use only top-grade lumber and plywood—no OSB or particle board in our wood sheds. This means you’re investing in a shed that offers the warmth and beauty of natural wood with superior structural integrity.

2. Metal Roofing Sheds

Sheds with metal roofing are incredibly durable and require little maintenance. They resist adverse weather conditions like snow, hail, wind, and extreme heat. We offer top-quality metal roofing, ensuring long-term durability and weather resistance for your shed—no matter the climate.

3. Duratemp Siding Sheds

At Sunrise Structures, we offer sheds clad in painted Duratemp siding, an engineered wood siding option known for its toughness and resistance to weather elements. It’s covered by the Sherwin Williams 15-Year Warranty Paint Package, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and durability.

For perfect finishing touches, all our sheds are detailed with aluminum around windows and vents, adding a polished look and ensuring longevity.

Additionally, sheds built by Sunrise Structures are engineer-stamped and certified in Indiana and Michigan. Built by hand, we set the bar higher for our storage sheds.

Gable Cabin in backyard

Popular Shed Sizes: Finding the Perfect Fit

What is the most popular shed size, you ask?

While the most common shed size is a 10’ x 12’, the 12’ x 16’ storage shed is gaining popularity.

The 12’ x 16’ is spacious enough to store larger tools and equipment, yet small enough to not overwhelm your backyard space.

However, the “perfect” size depends on your storage needs, yard size, and budget.

Final Thoughts

At Sunrise Structures, we make affordable sheds a tangible reality.

Our outdoor storage solutions add value to your home without breaking the bank. Your new storage shed will provide more space, versatility, and an uptick in your property’s value.

So, how much does a 12’ x 16’ storage shed cost? The short answer is it varies based on materials, customization, and construction costs.

But when you’re working with Sunrise Structures—a shed builder specializing in building high-quality, affordable sheds on location—you can rest assured your investment is worthwhile.

Plus, try out our 3D shed builder to get an accurate picture and price for your dream shed!

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