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Garden Oasis

Transform your backyard into the Garden Oasis of your dreams, where you can unleash your green thumb in dedicated plant-growing sections and enjoy a pleasant gardening experience with additional space for supplies and outdoor storage.

Garden Oasis
ELITE Series badge


ELITE Series badge

2" x 6" Treated floor Joists 16" O.C.

¾" tongue and groove Plywood floor

78" Wall height ½" painted Dura Temp siding

All plywood construction

Open porch with pergola

Two classic garden vents

12" roof Overhang

7/12 roof pitch

Complete Paint/sealant package

Complete trim package

40-year metal roof

Clear Gable Panel

One 3' door with square trim – removable

One 6' double door with square trim – removable

Eight combo windows – removable

Available Sizes

  • 10 x 18
  • 12 x 20
  • 12 x 22
  • 12 x 24
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