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Ways You Can Customize Your Backyard Structures with Sunrise Structures

March 4, 2024   |   9 min read
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Customized shed in backyard with flowerpots

Do you find yourself daydreaming more and more about your own little retreat right at home?

Perhaps a unique space where functionality blends seamlessly with aesthetics?

Well, it’s time to turn that dream into reality!

With the increasing desire for at-home comfort and convenience, the value of a customizable and stylish backyard structure has never been clearer.

So, the question is not if but how do you transform your backyard into a fun, practical, and personal oasis? Let Sunrise Structures guide you on this exciting journey of backyard transformation!

We offer an extensive range of backyard structures, each customizable to fit your unique style and needs.

You have the power to transform your outdoor space into a cozy, modern, and luxurious haven.

Be it a shed, barn, cabin, garage, pavilion, or home office, we have you covered.

Use this article as your comprehensive guide on ways to customize your backyard structures—with Sunrise Structures.

Unlock Exquisite Backyard Structure Ideas

Whether you seek simple backyard structure plans or intricate backyard wood structures, you can find a match with Sunrise Structures.

Take a look at our many options below!

Sheds: Not Just for Storage Anymore

Practicality meets aesthetics in the array of sheds provided by Sunrise Structures.

Available in Utility, Garden, Lofted Garden, Garden Oasis, and Green House styles, these custom structures fit a variety of purposes.

Depending on your need, choose from shed sizes that range from 12′ to 40′ in length and from 8′ to 14′ in width.

Customize the exterior with a choice of metal or shingle roofing in a range of colors. Wooden doors, fiberglass doors, roll-up doors—the choice is all yours to make for perfect accessibility.

For a personalized touch, consider adding an accent color stain and custom window options.

Barns: A Taste of Countryside in Your Backyard

The Lofted and Mini Barns offered by Sunrise Structures are not just functional; they are also a charming addition to any backyard.

These rustic backyard wood structures can be tailored to your needs and aesthetic choices.

Select the perfect roof in your desired color with metal or shingle options. Plus, make a statement with custom doors and windows, adding style and functionality.

Don’t forget to add a cupola or keystone accents to give your barn an extra dash of character.

Lofted Barn

Cabins: A Rustic Retreat for Work or Leisure

Sunrise Structures’ cabins are perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat in their own backyard.

The Gable, Log Gable, and Lofted designs are adaptable to serve various purposes—a peaceful reading nook, a fun play area, or a place of entertainment for backyard parties.

You can customize the cabins with extraordinary finishing options. Choose from 14 colors for metal roofing or 3 colors for shingle roofing, and add accents with trim that suits your style.

With the inclusion of custom windows and doors, your cabin becomes a true reflection of your personal taste.

Garages: More Space for Your Outdoor Equipment

The Lofted and Gable garages from Sunrise Structures not only provide a secure shelter for your vehicles—but also add architectural interest to your backyard.

Customize these structures to match the style of your home or to stand out as a unique feature.

Select the right kind of door for your needs: wooden doors for a classic look, fiberglass for durability, or garage doors for easy access.

Add a pergola awning or a flower box to beautify the exterior. For the interior, consider adding a 32″ workbench or 2′ shelving for extra storage.

Rustic Pavilion: The Perfect Shelter for Entertaining

The Rustic Pavilion from Sunrise Structures is the perfect backdrop for outdoor gatherings or a quiet place to enjoy your morning coffee.

Creating a space to relax and entertain in warmer seasons, our pavilions are designed with timber framing that adds timeless class to your yard.

Customize your pavilion with 17 roofing colors to match or contrast with your backyard’s color palette—then accentuate the rustic charm with Dark Oak or Rustic Cedar steps.

Rustic pavilion in the snow

Home Offices: Your Office Area in Your Back Yard

The Gable Casita and Studio options provide the perfect blend of tranquility and functionality for your home office.

You can tailor these structures with various options—from the roof’s color to the type of doors and windows.

The availability of a 2′ x 4′ window combo option ensures ample natural light, creating a vibrant workspace. Consider adding urethane foam insulation for a warm and cozy interior all year round.

And don’t forget to add shelves and a workbench to keep your workspace organized.

With Sunrise Structures, your dream home office is just a step away – right in your backyard!

Personalize Your Shed – Exteriors

While incredible quality in backyard structures is a strong suit of Sunrise Structures, what really sets us apart is our extensive custom options.

Shed Exterior Finishing Options

Whether you prefer metal roofing or shingle roofing, there’s a color for everyone.

Our sheds come with metal roofing in 14 colors including: Brown, Taupe, Copper Penny, Burgundy, Gallery Blue, and more.

Shingle roofing options come in 3 colors: Black, Brown, and Weatherwood, meaning your choices are vast.

Our painted siding colors offer 16 hues: Red, Argos Gray, Chestnut, White, Onyx Green, Black, and more.

Our trim accent color stains include 4 colors: Dark Oak, Rustic Cedar, Natural, Butternut, to add the extra touch your structure needs.

Backyard cabin with fireplace and chairs

Custom Shed Doors and Windows

Depending on the style and utility of your structure, you can choose from wooden doors, fiberglass doors, roll-up doors, garage doors, and carriage house doors.

Our custom window options include rectangular (2′ x 3′), square (3′ x 3′), and a 2′ x 4′ combo with a transom window on top.

Each window comes with the option of White or Brown aluminum finishing, complementing your structure’s exterior beautifully.

Custom Shed Exterior Accents

For an enhanced appeal, Sunrise Structures offers numerous exterior accents.

Our Elite Series sheds boast 8 ft. or 14 ft. roof dormers and the choice of corbels or classic corbels.

Sheds also have custom accents like cupolas, keystone accents, timber-framed porches, vinyl porches, pergola awnings, roof awnings, and 4′ steps available in Dark Oak or Rustic Cedar.

Add a charming flower box, available in 2′ or 3′ lengths and make a lasting impression with your backyard structure.

Shed Interiors That Speak to You

Transforming your outdoor living space does not stop at the exterior.

Sunrise Structures offers a variety of custom interior options to meet your functional needs and aesthetic style.

A 32″ workbench, 2′ shelving, and pegboards all cater to your storage needs.

And urethane foam insulation ensures your structures are comfortable year-round.

Side of barn with door open

Floor and Ramp Options

To ensure durability and ease of access, we provide Super Tuff Floor as standard and Double Super Tuff Floor as an upgrade.

If you’re wondering what the difference is, head over to our Options page to see the specifications for our flooring.

We also offer 5 ft. wooden ramps for easy accessibility. Simplify driving your wheelbarrow or lawnmower in and out for all your yardwork needs.

A Chicken Coop of Your Dreams!

Calling urban farmers and hobbyist poultry keepers!

Interested in raising your own chickens or need more room for your flock? With our Chicken Coop Kits, you can add to the aesthetics of your back yard—while providing all the space you need for raising chickens.

Sunrise Structures knows that our feathered friends deserve a home that’s as comfortable and stylish as our own.

That’s why our chicken coops are thoughtfully designed, ensuring each chicken has an adequate amount of room and a cozy spot to nest.

And we also have room for your personal touch.

Customization indoors options include a chicken door for easy access, a roost for your poultry to perch, nesting boxes for egg-laying, and even a screen door for ventilation.

Plus, the coop’s exterior can be as chic as any other outdoor structure in your backyard.

Choose from a wide palette of colors for your coop’s siding and roofing. Opt for a metal roof in one of 14 colors like Copper Penny or Gallery Blue, or a shingle one in Black, Brown, or Weatherwood.

A brown aluminum-finished window can complement a Chestnut or Dark Oak colored coop perfectly, while a white finish can add a touch of class to a Burgundy or Taupe one.

The coop’s floor is just as important as any other part of the structure. With Sunrise Structures, you have the option of our standard Super Tuff Floor or the upgraded Double Super Tuff Floor, promising durability and long-lasting comfort for your chickens.

Adding a flower box to the coop’s exterior or a cupola on the roof gives it a whimsical touch—without detracting from the functionality of your coop.

A 4′ step in Dark Oak or Rustic Cedar stain can provide easy access to the coop, making daily chores less of a hassle.

When you design a chicken coop with Sunrise Structures, you’re not only investing in the happiness and well-being of your chickens, but also adding a quaint and unique backyard structure that stands out.

With the perfect blend of utility, comfort, and aesthetics, our custom chicken coops bring your homesteading dreams to life!

Crafting Your Backyard Oasis

From chicken coops to cabins, adding a backyard structure to your space can feel like a big step. That’s why we’re here to help.

Everyone needs a different setup for their back yard. So we created a list of things to consider before you start on your backyard shed, casita, or mini barn.

To create a backyard that looks cohesive, clean, and luxurious, consider these tips:

  • Identify the function of your backyard and choose a structure that aligns with it.
  • Choose a style that complements your home’s exterior and yard.
  • Decide on the colors that resonate with your personality. We provide ample choices for roofing, siding colors, and accent stains.
  • To create a seamless flow, match the door and window finishing with your structure’s theme.
  • Use exterior accents to add character to your backyard structure.
  • Customize the interiors to meet your functional needs.
  • Choose the floor that suits your needs and the ramps for easy access.

Inside and outside, the possibilities are endless when you choose Sunrise Structures to create your outdoor structure. So why wait to revamp your outdoors?

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