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Site Prep & Installation

The last step of your outdoor structure is site prep and installation. It’s an exciting day when we get to deliver your completed backyard shed, barn, studio, cabin, or pavilion! With collaboration from you and our team, your finished outdoor design guarantees years of enjoyment—just steps away from your home.

View our site options below to see which one will suit your budget as a future outdoor storage shed owner.

Preparing a site for shed install

Choosing Your Site

There is more than one option when choosing the foundation for your outdoor structure. You can choose to lay your own foundation if you prefer, but we highly recommend investing in a professional installer instead. Many customers who lay a DIY foundation have issues with their building settling and doors and windows not working properly.

Our recommendation is to choose one of our two site options:

  • Site Option One: 4-5 inches of limestone on top of sod or dirt, leveled, compacted, smooth (cheaper option)
  • Site Option Two: Wooden framing, 4-5 inches deep in sod, filled with limestone, compacted, leveled with grass (better quality)

The Cost of Site Prep

The cost of laying a foundation varies based on the size of your outdoor structure or shed.

Site Option One (limestone on top of sod or dirt) costs anywhere from $1,400-$2,500. Site Option Two (limestone leveled with sod or dirt) costs from $1,700-$3,200. Site Option Two is our premium choice, but both foundations promise stability and years of use for your storage shed.

If you already have a sturdy foundation from a previous structure, then we’ll install your shed without the added cost of a new foundation. Whether you choose one of our site options or have a current site, investing in a solid foundation ensures you enjoy your outdoor structure for years to come.

Installing limestone using skid loader

Installing Your Site

If you need us to remove an old structure, or simply lay the foundation for your new outdoor structure, site prep takes only one day.

However, because of lead times, there’s typically a 2-3-week window of when we can lay the foundation for your outdoor structure. Regardless of lead time, the foundation for your design will be finished within a reasonable amount of time before your outdoor design is delivered.

We operate with a “same day, same crew” work ethic, so you don’t have to worry about installation and delivery taking days or weeks longer than it should. After the foundation is finished, your storage shed is ready to be installed!

Delivery & Shed Installation

Delivery and shed installation can be a concern for many of our customers. Some wonder if their yard or landscaping will be hurt throughout this process. However, we take great caution in delivering and installing your shed or outdoor structure. We use a semi-trailer to transport your shed to your home, then use “The Mule” to install your shed.

Equipped with hydraulics for heavy lifting and turf tires, The Mule is ideal for gently driving through your lawn and moving buildings into tight spaces (with no damage)! After your shed is installed, we level it and check windows and doors, ensuring everything is working properly before we leave. And just like that, your outdoor structure is ready for years of enjoyment right in your back yard!

Design Your Outdoor Structure with Our 3D Builder!

If you want to get a picture of what your outdoor structure or storage shed can look like, then designing in 3D is a great place to start.

Our 3D Builder gives you the opportunity to view your design from all sides, allowing you to add or remove windows, doors, and accent features.

With the 3D Designer, you can:

  • Choose from 17 siding colors and 14 metal roofing colors (or 3 shingles colors)
  • Select window styles plus single or double doors
  • Create a floor plan from 8’ wide to 40’ long depending on the shed style and shed series
  • Try out the Storage Visualizer to determine how much space you have for lawn equipment, vehicles, and tools

Get started with the 3D Designer to get a free quote and save your storage shed design until you’re ready to make it a reality!

Design In 3D

The Process

The process of building a storage shed, barn, or hobby shop shouldn’t be intimidating. Many of our customers take their time during the quoting and ordering process, and we expect calls and questions while you figure out which structure works best for you. Don’t hesitate to clarify your storage shed size, color, and accent details. Our goal is to deliver a storage shed just the way you want it.

Customer and Sunrise staff viewing a shed
Salesperson with customer quoting a new shed
Board cut to length in chop saw
Installing limestone using skid loader
Site Prep & Installation
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